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in which I discuss life and death and Last Words Ever that turned out to not actually Last Words Ever but instead became my last words of 2015


I woke up overtired + grumpy + angry at the world, but something magical happened during my early morning car ride–something that helped me remember that which I’ve known all along to be true: that Things Are (and always have been, and always will be) OK.

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you know that feeling you get when you’re all alone on your way to visit some old friends at a place you once considered home but have long since moved away from? and you’re watching the too-huge world whizz by outside your window as the sun makes its way up and over the horizon and […]


Maybe there’s no such thing as good days and bad days. Maybe days are just days, and things happen and feelings surface and people people, and we just…deal with it. And maybe that’s ok.

I saw Joel Who Wore a Pink Vest standing by the curb of a busy intersection in Coolidge Corner this afternoon. He had straggly brown hair that hung halfway down his back and a smile so sincere the lines on the corners of his eyes became crevices with the upward twitch of his lips.

i shared a lovely moment with a lovely human at the gas station yesterday, and it reminded me that lovely moments and lovely people show up sometimes when you least expect them (and when you most need them).